At BANISTERS, we believe in filling your dog's bowl with food even humans would love!

Grain Free, Hypoallergenic & Easy On The Tummy
Because it’s both grain free and hypoallergenic your dog will thrive without the worry of bad reactions, sensitivities or runny stools.

how we make it

Here at Banisters, we are often asked what makes our food so special. Here are the main things that make our recipes the best.

  • Freshtrusion™

    What is Freshtrusion™?

    Freshtrusion™ technology cooks the meat at a gentle 90 C temperature keeping in the freshness and protecting the proteins. Traditional category 3 meats & oils are rendered at circa 300 C which reduces the nutritional goodness and damages proteins, therefore decreasing the bio-availability to the pet.
  • Freshly Prepared

    Why does Freshly Prepared Food increase digestibility?

    Freshly prepared meats are gently cooked at 90c. This gentle cooking process protects the nutrients therefore allowing the pet to have optimal nutrient bio-availability. Gently cooking the food means nutrients, such as proteins, stay intact rather than them being denatured when subject to extremely high cooking temperatures. This means more proteins are readily available and can be easily digested resulting in less waste.
  • Grain Free*

    Why is a Grain Free diet better for your k-9 friend?

    Less and smaller stools, reduce shedding improves skin & coat condition, improved breath odour, reduced wind, reduced itching & scratching, and reduced digestive upsets.
  • Quality Food

    How can I test the quality of my dog food?

    Colour and Consistently. A pet’s stool should be brown in colour. If it is another colour it may indicate a problem in which the owner should contact a veterinarian for advice. It should be firm, but not too hard. A good firm stool means that a pet’s gastrointestinal tract is absorbing the nutrients from their food efficiently. Loose stools may mean the food isn’t being absorbed properly by the gastrointestinal tract or can be a sign of infection.